May 13th, 2008, 1:52 am

In the future...

OMG THE FUTURE!!one1!zero4
Just a little update on the status of Kite, because I won't be able update much in the coming months. OHNOES.

First, I deleted a few fillers, because it's a bit annoying to get too much fillers when you read a comic that has almost as much fillers as real pages XD

Then, I must say I will be very busy in the coming... month(s). I have a paper to finish (which will kill me), and then I have
exams (again -_-)... I'll try to draw some pages, but I can't promise anything D:

Aaand... after the exams... I'm going to
JAPAN. Yessss! Japan! Otaku heaven! Harajuku! Cuteness! Pocky! Jrock! I'll raid the book-off and stuff and act like a crazy gaijin. But of course, I can't update my comic... ^^;

(now, bow before my otaku-idiocy) -_-;

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